Unlock your access to
first-class facilities

Every resident of Ohana is a member of Club Ohana, unlocking access to our exclusive first-class facilities. A private dining area, a rooftop pool, a sky deck and guest suites comprise just a few of the highlights. Membershipgrants access to a range of glamorous spaces where guests might be entertained and new relationships dreamed up.

Take a Lap in Luxury

We present to you, the rooftop pool.

Swim the Skies,
in the iconic rooftop pool.

The rooftop pool at Ohana is both a sumptuous sanctuary and a serious facility for dedicated swimmers. A miracle of contemporary pool design, it offers three lanes of 16 metre, athletic standard swimming amidst the sublime sky lounge for those fantastic views anytime of the day or evening.

“Be My Guest” can always
mean something memorable
at Ohana857

Have guests visitng? No sweat, we have designed exclusive guest suits for your guests to stay over in the lap a very british hospitality.

When we designed Ohana 857, we thought about you and your lifestyle. That is exactly why we offer you premium facilities in line with the rhythm of your life.

We value your time and we know how important it is for the things you need to be at hand. That's why we've chosen to fit a rooftop swimming pool, movie theater, gym and more services to make your life easier and help you focus more on what really matters to you.