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Paving the way for a harmonious living, Ohana 857, a living space that is reminiscent to your lifestyle is a project developed by three major builders namely SKAV, Ahuja Group and AG Builders & Developers. The alliance of this trinity is backed by years of passion for creating inspiring living spaces with an uncompromising commitment to quality and the zeal to create world-class construction projects.
The Right Property at The Right Price.

Apartment with No Common Wall
No Common Walls
No Poky Noses, No Noisy Neighbours.
Less than 1,000 properties in Bangalore have no common walls.
We bring you a lifestyle of Zen.
Apartment with no Vastu Compliant
Vastu Compliant
Traditions and Belief Acquainted.
Ohana is spiritually inclined with Vastu Compliance.
We bring Positive Energy to your lifestyle.
Apartment having 80% Open Space
80% Open Space
Don’t Choke on Pollution.
Ohana is built to enhance the environmental quality of your living.
We bring you a Breath of Fresh Air.


Apartment which is Thoughtfully Planned
Thoughtfully Planned
Designed keeping you in mind.
Ohana is crafted after you.
We bring you a lifestyle, not just a home.
Apartment in Prime Location
Growth Potential
Fastest Growing Corridor.
Ohana is situated on Old Madras Road, a hub for your growth.
We bring you an ideal Return on Investment.
Apartment with Rooftop Pool
Rooftop Pool
Swim in the sky.
Ohana lets you rejuvenate and enjoy a breath-taking view.
We bring you a little oasis right on top.